Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday you loser!

Note: Fuck you, all of this was done with MS paint.

It all started one fateful night, when Anthony got liquored up with his friends at the local bar establishment. He decided to reward himself after a summer of taking horrible pictures and making out with ugly chicks by travelling the world

Time warp, initiate....ENGAGE

Oh shit! Didn't start off so well.

But then he went to North Korea

And stumbled upon a gay pride parade!

Not sure if that was the right scene for him, he bolted over to Brazil. Yea buddy!

La Tour Eiffel! Baguette? Croissant? Hon hon hon

The Great Wall of China. Ping Pong Ching Chang Tang

Vang Viene! In the tubing!!!

Hiyooooooooo! Chilling with Obama and Clinton

Took a trip to Egypt, meh. Still had a great time

Anthony loves him some Alpacas

Fuck yeah Anthony!

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